Is Michael Farlow the Most Interesting Lawyer in Maryland?

Michael Farlow survived an assassination attempt when he was just five years old.[1] He has walked into burning buildings and torn cars apart with his bare hands.[2] Parades have been held in his honor.[3] He has traveled to foreign lands and climbed a mountain.[4] Farlow has helped to save lives, and on more than one occasion got to yell “Clear” before shocking someone with a defibrillator.

Fame came early for Farlow. At the age of 19, he became the youngest serving elected official in the state of Maryland and was subject of numerous newspaper articles and television shows. He was even featured prominently in an academic research paper about famous politicians.[5]

Farlow parleyed his adventures into a full academic scholarship to Widener University School of Law, where he excelled, finishing near the top of his class after finishing on the Dean’s List every semester. Realizing that law school in America might not be enough of a challenge, he spent a semester in Geneva studying law from books written in French, a language that he could not (and still can’t) read.[6] Farlow is a member of at least six academic honors societies[7] and was a member of law review serving as staff on The Delaware Journal of Corporate Law.

Farlow was also awarded the prestigious Wolcott Fellowship, which allowed him to serve as a law clerk for the Honorable Myron T. Steele, who would later serve as Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court. Farlow has clerked for Judges Eschenberg and Groton of the Worcester County Circuit Court. He has run his own practice twice, separated by a long stint in the Worcester County State’s Attorney’s Office.

He has tried just about every type of traffic or criminal case, including murders and attempted murders, and once had a client acquitted of all charges after the client admitted to growing 9 marijuana plants in the client’s backyard.

Farlow lives with his wife, Michelle, in a secret, undisclosed location.

[1] Assassination might be too strong of a word, but he and his family were shot at while on a Sunday drive.

[2] Really they were gloved hands – using the “jaws of life.”

[3] Actually, the parade was for firefighters in general, not him specifically

[4] He hiked it. But it was a really, really steep hiking trail

[5] Which he wrote about himself.

[6] He was, however, able to fluently order a ham and cheese sandwich.

[7] For Political Science, History, Philosophy, Social Sciences, and two for Law.