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Michael Farlow has been appointed as the attorney for the Worcester County Shoreline Commission.  The Commission is responsible for approving shoreline construction projects, such as docks, piers, and boat lifts.  The Commission ensures that such construction projects do not impede the navigable waterways of the county.


August 18, 2011 – SNOW HILL (Salisbury Daily Times, article by Brian Shane) — Some residents of Snow Hill expressed surprise and frustration that a draft of their new election code, rewritten after an absentee balloting controversy, did not include any requirements for campaign finance reporting.

Mayor Stephen Mathews said it came down to cost.

“What it was going to cost the town to do all this reporting, what it was going to cost the people running for office — it just made it very cumbersome for the candidate who’s running and the town afterwards,” said Mathews at a recent public hearing. Snow Hill Town Council members all said they concurred with the mayor’s take.

Mathews said officials will look at the financial reporting issue and have something put together in time for the town’s next election in May 2012.

Mike Farlow of Snow Hill suggested one solution could be to mandate that candidates raising more than $25 report the money, before and after the election, or else face fines for non-compliance. Farlow chaired the citizen committee for election code changes.

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June 18, 2011 – Ocean City, MD

Roger Powell and Michael Farlow are pleased to announce the establishment of an association specializing in the practice of Emergency Services Law across the state of Maryland!

With over 50 years of combined experience, we are the only attorneys in the state who offer these unique services!

Fire departments face all sorts of legal issues –
Personnel issues
Personal Injury

Billing problems

Worker’s Comp

HIPAA compliance
Non-profit issues
and many, many more.

We are ready to serve when alerted!

Roger N. Powell
107 Old Court Road
Pikesville, MD 21208
Ph: (410)653-0262
Fax: (410)653-5057

Michael Farlow
11032 Nicholas Lane, Suite A201
Ocean Pines, MD 21863
Ph: (410)726-3458
Fax: (410) 208-4255